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Compare Word Documents... Without Word!

By Codrut Nistor

Posted in Online-services

I hate Microsoft Office. I also hate In fact I don't want to discriminate - while I admit that some office suite may be worse than other I equally hate each one of them. The main reason is that I found a lot of other ways to get my office work done but if you're still stuck with editing various versions of a similar document using the DOC DOCX or RTF formats today I have some good news for you: compare Word documents without having to even open a DOC editing tool!

Powered by the WeaveSync API CompareMyDocs is a completely free Web-based tool that allows you to compare up to 7 documents at once delivering a single result that nicely outlines the differences between your docs. You can easily change the source docs or even compile a new one and quickly save it to your computer.

While CompareMyDocs still has some issues with documents that include tables and images as well as some browsers (it seems Opera is not one of its favorites...) if you only work with text documents and need a quick way to compare existing files and compile new versions based on them... this may be one of the quickest and cheapest ways to do it! ;)