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Configure Stealth Settings for Yahoo! Messenger Groups in Windows 7

By Codrut Nistor

Posted in How-to, Software, Windows-7

With the help of Yahoo! Messenger groups users can also maintain the privacy of their accounts very easily. This means that when users want to stay hidden from a group of contacts added in the messenger list they can add all of them to a group and can configure the stealth settings which will be applicable to all the contacts added in that group. The concept works identical to the users and groups in Microsoft Windows platform that can be used to configure and secure the objects of the operating system. Multiple groups can be configured for such settings so that contacts added to them cannot see the user online either on temporary basis or permanently. As Yahoo! Messenger user if you want to configure these settings you are required to follow the steps given below:

  1. Logon to Yahoo! Messenger application by providing appropriate credentials.

  2. Right click on the name of the group on which you want to configure stealth settings.

  3. From the available menu go to Stealth Settings and from the available submenu click on Appeared Permanently Offline to Selected Contactsoption.

Note: Stealth Settings option will only be displayed on the context menu of the group when contacts are added in it.