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Control your PC Remotely via Your Twitter Account

By Codrut Nistor

Posted in Software, Windows-7, Windows-vista, Windows-xp

TweetMyPc is a newsworthy free Twitter application that lets you remotely control your computer by sending commands to Shutdown Log off Hibernate or Lock. This feature allows you to control and access your computer from anywhere by simply sending a Twitter message with a special command.

To start you will need to install TweetMyPc on the computer that you want to control remotely. After installing it you will need to configure TweetMyPc with a Twitter account that you want to use to send commands to your computer.

It is suggested to create second Twitter account for TweetMyPc and change the settings to make your tweets private.

After installing it enter the Twitter account  user name and password. A dialog will appear and you have to click ok so the app can open the Twitter page. You can enable access to your tweets and use commands like getprocesslist getfile and getfilelis. For this you have to enter the username&password of your Google E-mail account.

Now you are successfully configured TweetMyPc and all you have to do is start using commands to remotely control your computer.

Simple Commands

- ShutDown: This command will remotely shutdown your computer.

- Abortshutdown: To abort shutdown if you accidentally tweeted shutdown or hibernate. You can abort the command but you have to do it fast enough :).

- Logoff: This command will remotely log off your computer.

- Reboot: This command will remotely reboot your computer.

- Lock: This command remotely locks down your computer.

- Hibernate: This command remotely hibernates your computer.

Advanced Commands

- Getproccesslist: This command will send you an email containing a list of running programs.

- Screenshot: This will send you a screenshot of what happens in your computer and will upload it to Twitpic.

- Download : This command can be used to download files to your computer remotely.

TweetMyPc is a useful utility a unique idea that makes Twitter look like it has unlimited power. More than that it is free.

Compatibility: Windows Mac. The Windows version requires Microsoft .NET Framework 3.5 or higher.


Download Link: Download TweetMyPc Free

The Official website: TweetMyPc