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Good to Know: Facebook's Shortcut Keys

By Codrut Nistor

Posted in Online-services

In case you didn't know Facebook has a couple of shortcut keys to improve your experience with Facebook. If you don't want to lose when you are surfing on Facebook or you want to respond  quickly to a message the shortcut keys are perfect. These are the shortcut keys for Facebook:

  1. To access the Search Box use Alt + ?.

2. To compose a new mesage use Alt+m. This shortcut works only in Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox.

3. To access Facebook's homepage use Alt+1 for Google Chrome Alt+1+Enter for Internet Explorer and Shift+Alt+1 for Mozilla Firefox.

4. To go to your profile page use Alt+2 for Google Chrome Alt+2+Enter for Internet Explorer and Shift+Alt+2 for Mozilla Firefox.

5. To see your friend requests use Alt+3 for Google Chrome Alt+3+Enter for Internet Explorer and Shift+Alt+3 for Mozilla Firefox.

6. To check your messages use Alt+4 for Google Chrome Alt+4+Enter for Internet Explorer and Shift+Alt+4 for Mozilla Firefox.

7. To open notifications dialog use Alt+5 for Google Chrome Alt+5+Enter for Internet Explorer and Shift+Alt+5 for Mozilla Firefox.

8. To edit your account settings use Alt+6 for Google Chrome Alt+6+Enter for Internet Explorer and Shift+Alt+6 for Mozilla Firefox.

9. Changing the privacy settings is very easy if you use Alt+7 for Google Chrome Alt+7+Enter for Internet Explorer and Shift+Alt+7 for Mozilla Firefox.

10. I didn't knew that Facebook has a Facebook page. To access it use  Alt+8 for Google Chrome Alt+8+Enter for Internet Explorer and Shift+Alt+8 for Mozilla Firefox.

11. If you want to read Facebook Term of Use access it with Alt+9 for Google Chrome Alt+9+Enter for Internet Explorer and Shift+Alt+9 for Mozilla Firefox.

12. To acces the Help Center use Alt+0 for Google Chrome Alt+0+Enter for Internet Explorer and Shift+Alt+0 for Mozilla Firefox.