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Create VPNs Instantaneously with LogMeIn Hamachi

By Codrut Nistor

Posted in Software

Hamachi is a networking product developed by LogMeIn. This application is available on the official website and its non-commercial version is licensed free. This software allows administrators to create VPN connections almost instantaneously with just a few clicks. Unlike other third-party applications or Windows built-in feature for creating Virtual Private Networks creating VPN network infrastructure using Hamachi is far easy. As soon as an administrator turns on Hamachi application after the installation the software requests a unique public dynamic IP address from LogMeIn server. Once the IP address is assigned to the application administrators can then create and specify a unique name and password to the Virtual Private Network which they can distribute to the clients. Also computers on which Hamachi is installed can also be connected to any Virtual Private Network infrastructure which is created using the application at the other end.


  • The application is very lightweight and configurations steps are quite easy. This makes configuration of VPN easier for even a layman.
  • The application uses secure channel to transfer information over the Internet and therefore can be considered as protected and secured media.
  • Does not require any additional technical skills in order to create or join VPN connections.


  • Non-commercial licensed free application can only be used in Small Office/Home Office environments. If an organization wants to use the software commercially licensed copy of Hamachi is required to fulfill legal formalities.

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