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Default Font & Color for Yahoo! Messenger in Windows 7

By Codrut Nistor

Posted in How-to, Software, Windows-7

Although while using Yahoo! Messenger font size and colors can be modified while communicating in either IM box or any existing room however if users want they can specify a permanent font size and color for the application so that they can eliminate the requirement of setting them every time they need to type the text. This permanent configuration is saved in the application for ever and therefore users can have a fixed text style which can then become a symbol of their presence. The configuration does not require much of technical knowledge and with just a few mouse clicks users can configure the application to set default font size and color. As Yahoo! Messenger user in Windows 7 if you want to do so you are required to follow the steps given below:

  1. Provide appropriate credentials in Yahoo! Messenger and logon to the application.

  2. Click on Messenger menu and click on Preferences option.

  3. From the opened box in the left pane click on Appearance.

  4. From right pane click on Change Fonts & Colors button under Default font and colors for message windows section.

  5. On the opened box choose the appropriate size and color along with the font face of your choice and then click on Okbutton.

  6. Back on Yahoo! Messenger Preferences box click on Ok button to confirm the changes.