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Don't Waste Food - Eat It!!!

By Codrut Nistor

Posted in Software

I don't want to save the world and if I could I would do the same thing as you do with a drive that's fragmented beyond any hope of recovery - format it! Anyway if you're the religious type be glad that I am not God but no matter if you believe in something or not don't waste food - eat it because that's why food exists and I consider a huge shame that some people throw away in a day more than others eat in a month!

Don't Waste Food

We'll get to the computer software part right away but let me tell you why I decided to write about a subject like this one...

A few weeks ago I read an article about the quantity and value of food thrown away all over the United Kingdom. I don't remember where I read it I don't remember the figures but I surely remember I was absolutely shocked!

Last week I managed to ruin two salads because I had some old cucumbers especially since after finding about their bitter taste the hard way in first place I peeled them nicely for the second salad but didn't get a much better result that time either. In the end I had to throw away the remaining cucumbers fortunately there were only a few around...

... and since you already saw the screenshot and probably imagined what is this all about the piece of code that could help you stop wasting food is here suggestively called Waste Not. Finding your way around this Windows app is really easy I think especially because you only get one window and a few options to mess with and if you find that the Help contents is missing try visiting the About window... and then jump to the forum dedicated to this program!

Since using it is trivial let me tell you what this program is: freeware portable application very easy to use with the purpose of helping you track what's inside your fridge what's not and what you should eat as soon as possible because expiration date is drawing near...

On the other hand Waste Not is not a recipe manager a complicated food stock management tool for restaurants and not even a diet tool. Its purpose is to help people track stuff they have around and expiration dates to avoid wasting good products that's all!

Some may consider this program useless but before putting it that way ask yourself about the impact on the environment of any little piece of biological waste or not and leave the monetary issues out of question. After all you don't want to leave your children a nice house and a fat bank account in a rotting world am I right?