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If I think well, virtually any forum on the Internet involving discussions about computers and software can’t avoid a topic about the best Internet browser, or at least one starting with a poll asking you about the browser you’re using. Now, this is nothing out of ordinary – there are also a lot of silly topics on every forum involving questions about sex, for example, but at least those can be really fun, while here, there’s only one answer that you should remember well: there’s no such thing as “best Internet browser,” all right?

Best Internet Browser Midori_01

Some time ago, I made the mistake to overlook the capabilities of a browser who was far from version 1.0, but some of my friends recommended as being one of those very strong newcomers, and I won’t do that mistake again. The newcomer I didn’t even try some time ago was Flock, now one of the browsers I use on a regular basis, and the one I won’t overlook today is Midori.

Simply described as “a lightweight web browser” on its homepage, Midori comes with all the features most Internet users need and – everyone pay attention here, please! – offers fast WebKit-based rendering and pretty smart resource management, making it an ideal choice to those who are tired already of looking for a browser that won’t expand to chew all available memory as soon as two-three tabs have been opened!

Best Internet Browser Midori_02

Unfortunately, I wouldn’t recommend this browser to my mom, as I wouldn’t recommend my father to jump into a Corvette and drive away without attending some special driving courses for powerful rear-drive cars, either. Why am I saying this? Well, Midori for Windows is only labeled 0.1.8 for now, and is still far from perfect, as I was able to notice while playing with it.

Speaking about problems, let me tell you about a strange one – while it obtains 88/100 when running the Acid 3 Test, Midori fails in displaying Wikipedia’s home page properly! Even more, while I have the Adobe Flash Player installed and working properly, Midori won’t display Flash content, either. I am talking about the browser out of the box here, without touching any settings or adding any modules yet, so if you feel like playing with some early code, don’t be afraid and jump right in!

If you like to tune your browser, let me tell you that Midori currently supports user script, user styles, and it also has theme support, next to the things you’d expect from a decent browser anyway, like tabbed browsing and session management.

Obviously, this is a free Internet browser, and while it may be still far from being a very good one, I think Midori is one of those piece of code we should check on a regular basis, since you never know where the best Internet browser could be hiding! Oh, yeah – here’s one more thing you should know – this interesting piece of code is also available for Linux, so if you’re one of those using it, be sure to give it a try, I am sure your PC will love it, especially if it’s low on resources! 😉

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