Facebook File Sharing, Free For All!

Facebook file sharing may sound like something out of this world, but things have recently changed, thanks to a Facebook app simply called Pipe. Before moving on, I have to point out one thing, despite the fact this is pretty obvious to many – almost all Facebook apps, including the games, are simply useless for anyone having an IQ over 50 (Worms is surely an exception, I hope you agree with me).

Released a few days ago, Pipe was stuck in its beta stage for almost an entire year, but it still managed to become the first Facebook file sharing app to be released. Sure, one may say there are plenty of free file sharing websites out there, so if you want to share files online for free, there are a lot of options available, most of them better than Pipe, but none of them is a Facebook app.

Great, but what’s the big idea about Pipe being a Facebook app? Well, if you keep your Facebook account opened in a tab for most of the time, the idea is to use this app to send files to your Facebook buddies without having to use anything else. Heh, this could bring the idea of a Facebook OS one step closer to reality, especially since a lot of people almost replaced Google Search with the search features offered by Facebook, although the results returned by it are far inferior to those provided by the search giant most of us use, at least from time to time.

The numbers look like this – you can send files having up to 1 GB in size, these files being stored for up to 5 days – if you’re friends are not online/paying attention to approve the transfer right away. The problem is that your friends must be running Pipe as well when you try to send that file and, once you start Pipe, that Facebook tab becomes almost useless. Making that damn pipe graphic much smaller wouldn’t hurt at all, I am sure of that. Anyway, this is the best Facebook file sharing app you can get at this time, so let’s all welcome Pipe, the only free file sharing app for Facebook as of early June, 2013… 😉

P.S. Typo spotted in last screenshot – “directfile” – doesn’t seem right after almost an entire year of beta, don’t you think? 😀