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Facebook OS - A Tale From The Future

By Codrut Nistor

Posted in Online-services

No matter if you love Facebook or you hate it because one thing's certain - you just can't ignore it! Well you may still be able to ignore it but it will get to you almost daily in a way or another so why not think for a little while about a possible future where Facebook managed to take over the desktop and mobile operating systems markets? Ready or not here we go...Facebook OS - A Tale From The Future Facebook OS may be more than a rumor...1. Waking up early in the morning - your smart digital clock bips and displays a message - "Good morning! Press the Like button if you had a good night's sleep."

2. During breakfast you get warnings from your Facebook buddies something like this - " has finished his breakfast. Click here to Like this automatically taken picture of his breakfast." You realize you're going to have an image of your dirty dishes automatically uploaded to your profile...

3. You enter your car to go to work - "Please fasten your seatbelt and don't forget to press the Like button the weather is beautiful today."

4. You turn on your digital radio while driving to your office ending up with a new Like button being displayed each time a new song plays. For those songs you already liked you get a Share option...

5. During the lunch break at work another round of food images gets automatically uploaded. At the same time African kids dying of thirst get to upload images of their new water supply - same old muddy water as usual but they get a lot of Likes from Eastern European kids poisoned by their water contaminated by deep gas drilling.

6. At the end of your shift you get to Like your boss. He gets more Likes he's awarded another promotion. If you don't press that Like button he promised to double tap that Fire button on his console so you press the damn button slowly muttering "Damn bastard!"...

7. Once you get home you get another message on your PC/TV/whatever from the real estate company that sold you the house - "Please click here for your daily Like and get an amazing 1% off on your mortgage!"

8. You go to the fridge to get a beer. As soon as you touch a bottle the LCD inside the fridge displays a message - "Like to win an amazing trip for two to Hawaii!"

9. Many decades later you visit a friend's grave. Your phone displays a message - "Like and be sure to drop by again anytime we're open 24/7!"

10. One fine day you die without getting to press any Like button since you've been terminally ill for a while. As soon as your coffin is six feet under your friends get a message "Press here to Like 's funeral."