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Few Shortcut Tips

By Codrut Nistor

Posted in Windows-vista, Windows-xp

  • Is you browser window too small ? Just press F11 and all toolbars status bar and menu will move away
  • If you want to lock your PC or switch between users press Win + L
  • I think the most frequent operation used in MS Word is Align so here you have a few shortcuts for this: Ctrl  + L Ctrl + R Ctrl + J
  • If you prefer to delete your files permanently instead of moving them to Recycle Bin just use Shift + Delete shortcut
  • Need fast access to file properties ? No problem just hold the Alt key and double click the file in Windows Explorer
  • Do you use Opera ? Shortcut for home page can be useful so here it is: Ctrl + Space... You can even use Alt + Home
  • You can get fast system information in Windows by pressing Win + Break
  • Anonymous browsing in IE ? Yes ! Just press Ctrl + Shift + P
  • If you want to delete browser history in IE you can use Ctrl + Shift + Delete