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Firefox 5 Benchmark

By Codrut Nistor

Posted in Software

When it comes to Web browser benchmarks I decided to skip the Google search part - after all I got a computer a few browsers that are up to date Peacekeeper is freely available so why not see for myself what's what? Since Firefox 5 just arrived this morning I decided to spin it and come up with some results of the Firefox 5 benchmark a lot of people probably have in mind these days. In case you will also check my March Web browsers benchmark and you notice some strange results that I got today please keep in mind that because summer's pretty hot I lowered the frequency of my CPU to 2.3 GHz the memory also going down to 800MHz. These being said let's take a quick look at what I got!

As far as I can tell Firefox 5 is faster than Firefox 4 but that still doesn't make it faster than Chrome or Opera. As you can see in the image below it wasn't Opera's long awaited 11.50 version but only the current stable release version 11.11. To make it even worse for Firefox 5 while I only had two pinned tabs a regular tab with some light HTML content and the Peacekeeper test in it Opera had at least twice as many tabs open yet still managed to perform much better.

At last I think I should also add that these numbers doesn't say anything since my computer is really slow when compared even to most office computers built recently so I'll leave you with the images. Sure if you want to curse share your results with the rest of us ask why didn't I use IE 9 (I used my Windows XP computer that's why dooh!) and so on feel free to drop a comment - I'll do my best to answer all of them. That's all folks! ;)