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Firefox Theme of the Week - Chromifox Extreme

By Codrut Nistor

Posted in Firefox-addons, Pctips3000-series

Still in love with Firefox but also craving for some of Google Chrome's simplicity? No problem - you don't have to betray your beloved browser it's enough to get the right Firefox theme and you'll get your Chrome-like Firefox browser in just a few minutes! How cool can this be? As cool as Chromifox Extreme - today's subject of course! ;)

With about 650 KB to download and freely available Chromifox Extreme 3.6.5 may not be really fresh since this version was released back in May 2010 but it looks as fresh as can be to me. More than just a theme you will also get the Chromifox Companion an addon that allows you change various Chromifox Extreme options like the position of the tabs Urlbar style display of the back/forward dropmarker or a styled download status bar. Nothing really out of this world only little things that matter...

... and I really think that this is it. Sure in case you were wondering - to really make your Firefox look like Google Chrome you have to open the View menu go to Toolbars and choose to hide the Menu Bar. Now that's better right? Good so I guess we're almost done for today...

... but wait! There's one more thing - if you really like this Firefox theme you may want to consider donating to support its continued development. The suggested contribution is $2.99 and to be honest I think it would be a pity to see Chromifox Extreme disappearing so if you're feeling generous today... you know what to do! ;)