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Forget About Spam Blocking Software!

By Codrut Nistor

Posted in Online-services

Forget about spam blocking software the time has come for a smart anti spam email address! Why am I saying this? Well spam blocking software seems to be always one step behind spammers and that's not because people on that side of the barricade aren't better enough. It's simply how it goes - first the threat then the solution to fight it and since we're talking about an ever-changing threat a solution that doesn't need regular updates is a great idea...

Spam Gourmet

... and so we get to the anti spam email solutions available all over the Web. Fortunately most of them come for free but - unfortunately - some temporary email addresses are not recognized as valid emails by quite a few sites that require you to sign up or simply enter your email address to get access.

Speaking about my past in this field I can tell you that I already used GuerrillaMail and Jetable more than just a few times and I was pretty happy with each of them but since there's always room for better now's the right time to take a look at Spam Gourmet a player from a completely different league than the two disposable email services I just mentioned.

First of all I have to tell you that Spam Gourmet despite its wide array of features looks like it has been designed over a decade ago. Why? I have no idea but since you shouldn't really care about the interface of any site offering any kind of anti spam email address let's forget about how Spam Gourmet looks and see what can be done with it!

To make a rather long story short let me say that unlike most other similar services Spam Gourmet allows you to securely forward email to a permanent address while keeping it hidden and the public address you'll get with them can be kept as long as you live (well maybe you'll also be able to use it in the afterlife as long as Heaven or Hell will provide a decent Internet connection...).

Once you create a Spam Gourmet account you can log in and mess with those settings at your disposal and what's best is that you can create as many disposable addresses as you need and have each of them forward email to the address you want to hide from spammers... or simply throw useless email away as soon as you start adding various filters (I think easiest way is to define a trusted senders list and drop the rest although some additional filters could help you not to miss potentially useful emails).

Spammers won't pull back from the battlefield anytime soon I can assure you of that so if you think that your inbox has too much spam take some measures - let Spam Gourmet eat your junk while you can enjoy decent meals! ... ehem emails... ;)