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Stuff For Free Via Twitter

By Codrut Nistor

Posted in Online-services

I don't know if I told you this already but it's no problem if I say it again: Twitter is one of those successful ideas that I include in the category "useless junk that sells" no matter what countless social media experts may say. Sure I have a Twitter account but that doesn't mean I take it more seriously than my Hi5 account for example. Now I just found one extra reason to think twice before saying "Twitter sucks" next time because freebies are always welcome even when coming via Twitter...

Stuff For FreeVia Twitter

... but let me tell you what I think about stuff for free before moving on: as strange as it may seem I am not really crazy about it! Sure I usually can't refuse a freebie but I also need to get something I really need. After all why simply generate more junk? No matter if you pay for it or not but stuff you don't use becomes junk... sooner or later and I don't even have to go into that part about wasting time in search of stuff for free online or offline do I?

Good now that you know where I stand let me lend a hand to those who just want to get some freebies no matter what. Freebie addicts all over the world take a look at Freezly and you won't regret it! If you're also Twitter fans that's even better...

... because Freezly is all about stuff for free that you can get via Twitter. Sure I am talking about "info about chances to get freebies that became public via Twitter" but I am sure you got the idea. After all Twitter is giving away free accounts to anyone so why should they also give free CDs or gadgets?

Information my friends is one of the most precious things these days right after time. This is why I think Freezly is a great resource although it could be improved a lot. For example I would like to be able to sort freebies based on their location since I currently live in Europe and I really hate it to see awesome giveaways only available to US residents...

To draw the line let me tell you that Freezly displays the title description and the amount of tweets received by a certain giveaway and while the search form located in the right of the Freezly logo can be used to find specific stuff like beta keys hardware and even giveaways offering products of a certain company. Unfortunately I can't say there are plenty of freebies available on Freezly at this time but I am sure more and more things will appear.

For now we'll have to live with the "Hottest" "Just In" and the "Archive" categories and since there are some interesting things to look at already I hope you'll be lucky and find some stuff for free that won't be ever turned into junk! ;)