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Free Internet Radio For All

By Codrut Nistor

Posted in Online-services

Weeeekeeeeeend! I am sure you all feel the same but what's the plan? No matter what you want to do in the next two days I am sure music would fit in just well! Sure I know there are some people who only listen to music at weddings funerals and when it simply happens for them to bump into some song but if I have to speak for myself I must say it's much easier to spend a day without food than without music. These being said let's move on shall we?

Free Internet Radio

First of all let me remind you that if you just want to download absolutely free music you should go and check Jamendo because you won't get any advertisements while listening to the tracks or online radio stations available there as it happens with TheRadio. It seems I just said "advertisements" right? Eeeeew! Why would one waste precious time to listen to ads-supported music? The answer is simple - because you won't find bands/artists like Metallica Santana ZZ Top or Norah Jones on Jamendo that's why!

There are plenty of free Internet radio stations around so choosing TheRadio was maybe a bit of a random event but be sure that we'll get back to this topic one day in the future and then we'll talk about some Internet radio player software (still have to find it anyway since all I know is 3aLab's iRadio which is not exactly free...). Anyway until then here's a little hint worth a million bucks: Radio Paradise!

Back to our topic TheRadio I have to say I really love the layout of the main page(got me Blue is one of my favorite colors) and - most important of all - sound quality. I have no idea what happens to those still using very slow connections but I really hope that TheRadio is able to autodetect the bandwidth available to those connecting and change sound quality accordingly. In my case it was just CD quality music. Awesome!

The channels available include a wide range of genres starting with 20s-30s Country music (!!!) and going through Beach Music College Party/Rap/Rock a few Jazz channels all the way down to World music. Unfortunately I wasn't able to find channels for popular genres like Trance (they only have Techno) or Metal (not to mention subgenres like Death Metal Gothic Metal and so on). Nevertheless TheRadio offers a huge collection of excellent music and missing this site would be a real pity.

From time to time you will have to listen to some ads and if they really seem to be annoying (I wasn't annoyed at all) then grabbing a membership for TheRadio could be a good idea especially since a Personal Subscription is only worth $2.95.

These being said I leave you to enjoy TheRadio and I hope you'll have a much better weekend with it. Bye byeee! ;)