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Free MS Office Manuals!

By Codrut Nistor

Posted in Software

In case I didn't say that already I hate Microsoft's Office. If you wonder why then there are two answers possible: first because it sucks and second obviously because it sucks! Now if we become serious for a moment I am sure you'll agree that no matter what we may think Microsoft's Office suite is still very popular in the business environment and so the people into Office training have a lot of work to do. I am sure you can imagine they're not working for free...

... but I think it's also great to have free access to Office 2003/2007 courses that were only available for a fee back in those years don't you think? The story is really simple - a UK-based company called Mouse Training decided to give away their older courses for free to get the word out about their existence and hopefully get more clients for their Office 2010 courses. I don't know if the last part will come out as they hope but the first one surely did!

Since there's not much else to say I will only tell you that the courses look really solid and to access a directory listing of all the PDFs available you only need to go here and you'll be able to get more free MS Office manuals than you probably need. Use them well and good luck! ;)