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Free Online Storage Solution Of the Day, DropBoks!

By Codrut Nistor

Posted in Online-services

While some people are looking for features others just want to kiss. No no there's nothing wrong with the previous sentence - I was thinking about "KISS" as in "keep it short & simple" not as in... kiss. ;) Speaking about online storage solutions there are plenty of fully featured services but even easy to use ones like RapidShare seem to be a bit too much to some users. Just... don't ask me why I say that beter take a look at DropBoks!

DropBoks allows you to simply create folders and upload files as you need as long as each file has maximum 50MB and you're no exceeding the 1GB free storage limit. Nothing special here right? After all there are plenty of better offerings available so why choose DropBoks? No ads that's why!

Come on people no matter how good your ad blocker may be file hosting sites always find a way to stick some banners or floating ads right in your face so... think about these goodies DropBoks has to offer: no ads SSL mode and no file sharing features - just your own personal Web-based 1GB stick if I can put it this way but without the data loss risks involved by any USB drive. Awesome!