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Google 3D Warehouse

By Codrut Nistor

Posted in Online-services

If you missed Google SketchUp so far the time has come to give it a try! Since this article is about a different topic you probably ask yourself what's what with SketchUp right? Well the answer is simple - while this is about creating modifying and sharing 3D models today's topic is about finding and grabbing what you need for free from a pretty large online library. Sounds fun enough? I guess not...

... but one thing's certain: you can't say that about Google 3D Warehouse! Since it was built by Google you can't say there's not enough information available either and I really like the 3D preview mode. The official mumbo-jumbo goes like this: "The Google 3D Warehouse is a place for people to gather and share 3D content including models that are intended for use in Google Earth. Users may directly upload 3D models in the SketchUp and Keyhole Markup Language (KML) formats. Additionally the 3D Warehouse is the storage repository for Building Maker models. Geographically positioned realistic models of current real-world items may be included in Google Earth and other Google properties."

Not bad at all don't you think? Even if you're not into 3D modelling I am sure you'll enjoy a little trip into the 3D world offered by Google 3D Warehouse. It will only cost you a few moments of your life nothing more! ;)