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Freeware Downloads and Installs, Simplified

By Codrut Nistor

Posted in Software

I love freeware and I am sure a lot of people do. Obviously I am talking about good and useful programs not pointless pieces of code but I must admit that sometimes it gets really hard to keep tracking all my favorite freeware applications and their updates not to mention what I have to go through when setting up Windows on some computer. These being said it's absolutely normal to see me jumping around when I got this press release about FreeApps...

I hope you don't mind but I'll start with some passage from that press release: "FreeApps provides a catalog of many of today’s popular freeware applications that are used in different fields. Internet users can find almost any kind of freeware through FreeApps and its catalog continues to grow every week. Unlike traditional installation steps FreeApps allows users to do away with the "Next" during software installation."

All you need is a few clicks and then you'll get access to a bunch of freeware apps in the same place all installing automatically and saving a lot of your precious time. Obviously all the packages come from trusted sources and the guys behind FreeApps claim that all downloads are being tested on a daily basis. Sounds awesome so if you need to install a bunch of freebies... now you know where to go - just FreeApps not there - there - there - there and a few other I-don't-know-where... ;)

Oh yeah - FreeApps will also give you quick access to some giveaways and it can even update freeware already installed on your system. Sweet! :>