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How To Delete Locked Files In Windows

By Codrut Nistor

Posted in Software

I love simple solutions for complex problems. I guess you have to be a bit out of your mind to think different. After all why use some expensive robot to do what a simple hammer can accomplish? No I am not talking about tearing apart a computer here... but it doesn't get that far from it at least in a metaphorical way. The problem is "how to delete locked files" and the answer has only one word and about 290 KB in size: Unlocker!


Unlocker is a program too small to review on Download3000 but too smart to be overlooked so here's the software treasure of the day - a program that will make you forget those ugly days when having to face messages saying you have to restart Windows to delete some files and comply with that restarting your computer to simply delete some tiny file. Now while removing locked files is just as easy as 1-2-3 I'm going to give you a few quick examples to show you that Unlocker is a program that most Windows users MUST use...

First of all think about those times when you feel like destroying your computer because you just got some malware you know exactly what files you should delete but you can't. Obviously those files are locked and with Unlocker you only need to right click that file choose Unlocker and then remove the unwanted file that doesn't want to go away!

Next we have usual programs that you uninstall and leave some remains that can't be deleted unless you restart the computer as well as various other files like the index.dat one created by Internet Explorer or just some rogue database you were working on before the application crashed.

In theory Unlocker works with every Windows version currently available including Windows Vista but some of my friends told me they didn't actually manage to make it work in Vista. For me it worked fine in both Windows Vista and XP but since I don't have all Vista versions I really can't tell you anything for sure...

Unlocker comes with a little assistant program which should help you each time a file won't go away but I think right clicking and choosing Unlocker beats having yet another system tray icon. Well that's just me you can do as you wish but I think the Windows Explorer extension is the best way to go for Unlocker.

At last let me tell you one thing - as long as you know what you're doing Unlocker is one of those ultimate Windows tools but you really need to be careful with it because deleting locked system files is now easier than ever before... and be sure not to try to unlock and remove files from CD-R or DVD-R discs! It's easier to just break those discs beyond any hope of recovery. ;)