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How to Migrate User Accounts from One Windows 7 Computer to Another?

By Codrut Nistor

Posted in How-to, Windows-7

There might be times when you need to transfer your account from one Windows 7 machine to another. The reason behind this might be that you are upgrading your computer and discarding the old one or you just want to format and reinstall Windows 7 on the current computer and to secure your user account settings you want to remove them temporarily. This task can easily be done using Windows Easy Transfer feature available with Windows 7. To use this feature you need to follow the below steps:

  1. Click on Start button.
  2. Go to All Programs.
  3. From the menu click on Accessories.
  4. Click on System Tools and select Windows Easy Transfer.
  5. On Welcome to Windows Easy Transfer page click on Next button.
  6. On What do you want to use to transfer item to your new computer? page select An external hard disk or USB flash drive.
  7. On Which computer you are using now? page select This is my old computer.
  8. Wait while Windows 7 verifies the items that can be transferred.
  9. On Choose what to transfer from this computer page check the boxes of all the accounts/items you want to transfer and click Next button.
  10. On the next page if you want you can specify a password to protect the settings else you may leave it blank and click on Save button.
  11. Specify the location where the file can be saved and click Save.

To restore your backed up accounts follow the steps 1 to 6 from above instructions and follow the rest of the instructions as below:

  1. On Which computer you are using now? page select This is my new computer.
  2. On the next window click on Yes Plug in your external hard disk or USB flash drive. After you click Yes you'll browse to the location where Windows Easy Transfer saved your files. link.
  3. From the opened box locate the backed up file by browsing to its location and click on Open button to restore your accounts.