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How to Mute Sound in Browsers

By Codrut Nistor

Posted in How-to

Have you ever been annoyed by different sounds made by browser pop-ups or ads? Well I know that feeling and solving the problem is actually at a novice level and takes less than one minute. Note however that muting the sound in a browser will not only get rid of the annoying ad or pop-up sounds but will also mute YouTube and any other sound. But you might just want to mute your browser for the whole session as someone is sleeping right behind you and you don't want them to be woken up by weird sounds. Or you just don't need sound at all. It's up to you...

First time you will need to have your browser actually running some sort of sound so go to YouTube and play a random video. Then go in the bottom-right of the screen and click on the Speaker. The main speaker channel of your computer will pop out. Now you choose Mixer and will get a whole range of sound settings just waiting for you to tweak and play with them.

Muting the sound of a browser is obviously very easy to be done now. You just find your browser in the list and drag the volume level down until the YouTube video is muted. Or you can just click directly on the blue speaker above your browser icon. Either way will work just fine.

Note that though you exit your browser in order for it to be able to produce sound again you will need to follow the same steps one more time but now you will have to unmute the sound channel of the browser.