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Ice Age Firefox 4 Persona

By Codrut Nistor

Posted in Firefox-addons, Pctips3000-series

If you go on a search for the perfect Firefox 4 theme you may end up using just a persona and nothing more as I did. I know I know - yesterday we talked about the Firefox theme of the week but today I will be honest and confess that I dropped that theme after only a few hours of use. The reason? I simply missed Scrat so I just got back to Gambat's Ice Age Firefox 4 persona! ;)

The Ice Age Firefox 4 persona I mentioned above is one of the many Film and TV personas available and to make it all even more interesting it's not even the only Ice Age-related one but... just take a look at the screenshot above and you should get the idea - I think this is the best Ice Age-related persona and more than just that I am (almost) sure I'm right!

Added back in 2010 Gambat's Ice Age persona is currently used by 25808 people and is one of the many excellent ones provided by this designer. If you didn't hit the page I mentioned above yet or you simply don't like Scrat (I see no reason for anyone not to like the little fella but everyone's entitled to an opinion right? Well at least unless they don't have oil or diamonds on their lands - they will automatically become dictators that need to be bombed back to stone age in that case...) I think you should just check all the personas created by Gambat (click here) - you will surely like at least one of those trust me!

Other than the above... I guess I should add only one more thing: if you missed the Ice Age movies so far and you're ready for a good laught go ahead and grab them as soon as possible it would be a pity if you die tomorrow without seeing Scrat in action! ;)