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Increase your hard disk life

By Codrut Nistor

Posted in Hardware

These days we use computers for everything  watching our favorite movie playing video game or for work. Computer became essential machine in our life we depend on it  for everything. Of course data on your computer is very important for you imagine  that one day you try to switch on your computer and you find that all your data gone your work video games family pictures schedule contacts and your projects.

There are several ways to increase your hard drive life try to follow it and keep your hard drive safe.

  • Clean your case.

Computer is just a machine like any machine you need to take care of and keep it clean this point is very important can you imagine what dust can make to your hard disk not only for your hard disk but for the all things in your case your motherboard CPU ram power supply... etc it can slow down your computer and make essential problems in your hard disk so always try to keep your case clean use compressed air duster use it to clean fans especially CPU fan to keep your computer cool with high performance.

  • Monitor your hard disk.

What I mean by monitoring your hard disk.. It's  to keep your eyes on your hard disk performance you can do that using HDD scan (Download here) it is a free utility support many kinds of  hard disks has simple and easy interface it scans your hard disk then creates a report contains information about performance and "health" of your HDD or SSD (appropriate SMART attributes). Green icon means that attribute value is normal. Yellow icon marks important attributes which may indicate malfunction. Red icon shows abnormal attribute values. Report can be saved as MHT file.

  • Defrage your hard disk.

Defragmenation in simple explain is organize your data close together so hard disk take less time to bring the data for you when ask for it so with defragmenation hard disk will spend less work and less time and this will increase your hard disk life. you can defrage your hard disk using utility from Microsoft if you use windows xp open start menu -> All programs -> Accessories -> System tools -> Disk Defragmenter. you can use 3rd party tool called Defraggler (Download here) it is useful tool faster than Microsoft Disk Defragmenter and the second useful thing from defraging your hard disk that you will free up your hard disk space.

Always remember keep your hard disk clean keep it safe .