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Learn Cisco without Additional Memory or Processor Consumption with VPCS

By Codrut Nistor

Posted in Cisco, Software, Virtualization-2

Virtual PC Simulator or VPCS is a very small utility that is developed to work with GNS3. The application can be configured with an IP address and can then be mapped to the virtual routers created in GNS3. As everyone knows major role of any PC while studying Cisco is just to check the connectivity by using ping commands. If you use GNS3 without VPCS you need to create several virtual machines to check the connectivity of created topology. However with the help of VPCS you need not to create any virtual machine as VPCS itself contains up to 9 virtual machines which are small in size (less than 1 MB in all). Moreover VPCS can easily be configured because of easy commands that it accepts.


  • VPCS is a freeware and users need not to pay in order to use the application.
  • Since the application is just a simulator it does not require any additional memory or processor.
  • Commands as easily memorable and therefore users feel comfortable while using VPCS.
  • Supports all basic and necessary commands that are required while studying Cisco.


  • Cannot be used as a full-fledged physical or virtual PC.
  • Practical for Secure Shell or SSH cannot be done while using VPCS as any third-party application cannot be installed in the simulator.

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