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Looking For A Free Keyword Tool?

By Codrut Nistor

Posted in Online-services

These days everyone seems to be crazy about keywords but this whole thing has two faces. Unfortunately I've seen the dark side of the keywords world a few times too many and everyone can figure it out pretty easy - just perform a Google search to see how many junk results you get in the first pages (sometimes even the first page has 50% or more SPAM)... but since I can't do anything to stop this insane race for keywords please allow me to give you a little hint on finding the right ones to use. If you're going to use them well or not that's your choice...

The Free Keyword Tool_01

... but before moving on let me share a little secret with you! If you have a website built around keywords think twice when adding new articles/items - most users coming from Google may not turn back once they figure out it's all about keywords and gaining traffic but nothing about helping them get what they want. Needless to say how I hated finding some stupid page a few days ago talking about PC tips for a game I was playing where the keywords were nicely covering the page but the info I was looking for was nowhere to be found!

On the other hand if you're just a regular Internet user without any site of your own learn to distinguish SPAM sites from the real deal. I got tired to see poorly designed sites with articles written by "$1 copywriters" trying to climb where they shouldn't ever arrive. Unfortunately they even succeed in doing this once in a while... so my advice is to learn what's good for you - the Web is just like a supermarket with plenty of junk food and some "hidden treasures" that only the smart ones buy. Be smart!

The Free Keyword Tool_02

Going back to those who have a website already I have to say that understanding what people think and what they want to find is the best thing to do as long as you think about keywords as a fuel additive and not consider them to be the whole engine. The Free Keyword Tool is obviously my pick for today and there's not much to say about it - just load the site enter a keyword and then press the Get Keyword Ideas button. Once you do that you'll get the top 100 results and a list of similar keywords. Even more for each entry in that top 100 keywords you'll get an estimated search volume and it doesn't end here but I'll leave the rest for you to discover...