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Mobile Live Streaming Video With Qik

By Codrut Nistor

Posted in Online-services

Until today I strongly believed that mobile phones with included cameras were nothing more but one of those gadgets with features that nobody really needs. What made me change my mind? Well I still think that if you want to take some pictures the mobile phone is a "no-go" but when it comes to streaming live various events... things become pretty interesting and Qik is the online service to help you do that!

Mobile Live Streaming Video Qik_01

"Don't just send a picture. Share the experience." says the front page of the Qik website and I think this explains a lot about the whole idea. If that's not enough you also have the excellent movie about Roy. Who's Roy? A guy who can't go with his girlfriend to buy some clothes but helps her remotely to choose the right stuff. How? You gotta see the movie!

Unfortunately I didn't get a free Qik account and the reason is not my laziness or lack of time it's simply my phone - the little bastard doesn't have a camera! Anyway it was a pleasure to enjoy videos shot by regular people in the most unprofessional way of various events because I think this is what video sharing should be all about!

Mobile Live Streaming Video Qik_02

For now the list of supported phones looks pretty long especially when it comes to Nokia phones (no surprises here). To be honest I wasn't expected to see all three models from Apple supported but they are while the crowd of models remaining in that list include the ASUS P320 a bunch of HTC phones the Samsung Omnia virtually the entire N series from Nokia but also cheaper models like the 3250 a few Sony Ericsson models and so on.

Yesterday Qik was named as one of the top 10 apps on BlackBerry by LAPTOP Magazine so I am sure the future is looking bright for this online service especially since it's free for everyone and I am sure iPhone users will simply love it!

Oh yeah - did I mention you can sign in using your Facebook or Twitter credentials? I guess I didn't... and this is only the top of the iceberg I am sure of it but since I don't want to turn this tip into a spoiler I'll stop here. Enjoy Qik and may all the moments you share with it be happy ones!