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Looking For A Rapidshare Alternative?

By Codrut Nistor

Posted in Online-services

I won't hide the truth and claim file sharing sites like RapidShare or Megaupload are used only by people who send holiday photos to their friends and family because the truth is that probably over 70% of their traffic is illegal sharing of copyrighted content. I don't have any statistics at my disposal but you can get a better idea about the whole deal if you're looking for some RapidShare links in Google. Nevertheless the companies behind such sites can't be accused because I noticed that reported files get deleted pretty fast.


Anyway talking about one-click file hosting sites can take ages and we won't get anywhere doing that. After all it's like talking about kitchen knives used to commit crimes - should kitchen knives be banned? Surely not and the same goes with RapidShare and those alike but if you want a really quick way of sending files to your friends and coworkers then Streamfile is one of the best choices and I'll tell you why right away...

While Streamfile may not be available in as many languages as other file sharing/hosting services it gets the job done wonderfully and since I think that RapidShare should bow down before it let me tell you why - no useless waiting time for free users that's why! While RapidShare requires free users to wait a certain amount of time before actually downloading the file Streamfile is like a walk in the park!

To send a file all you have to do is open the page in a browser write the email address of the one who should receive the file chose the file and then press that large Stream Now button. The link will be available only for 24 hours which makes Streamfile completely unattractive for those into uploading warez stuff.

Streamfile Email

As you can see in the image above you'll get a nice email with a download link as soon as somebody sends you a file via Streamfile and once you click that Download File link the next and only step required is to choose between Run/Save/Cancel the usual options you get when clicking a download link in your browser.

The free service offers a maximum file size of 150MB while the Pro account priced at $4.95 per month offers unlimited file size (strange because this is what I see in the Register screen while the main page says maximum size is 2GB...) 256-bit encryption delivery tracking and a link life of 2 weeks. Another thing worth mentioning here is the free account allowing 300MB maximum file size a link life of 48 hours and 5 downloads of the file (2 for those files uploaded by unregistered users).

Considering all the above what do you think - do we have a RapidShare killer for normal people or not? (no I am not talking about those normal people who think the Internet is for porn...)