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Manage Your Weekly Expenses with Weekly Budget

By Codrut Nistor

Posted in Software

Weekly Budget is a free personal finance software and a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet that helps you to monitor your weekly expenses easily. You can manage all your weekly expenses with details with this free simple Excel spreadsheets set. If you want to monitor your weekly expenses to reach your financial goals Weekly Budget is the best option for you.f

Weekly Budget is a simple template that provides you easy ways to keep track of your weekly expenses just like its name suggests. If you are receiving your wages weekly keeping track of all your earnings will be very easy for you with this free personal finance software. Don’t worry if you are paid biweekly as this free Excel spreadsheet comes with a biweekly budget feature too. You will be able to take a closure look at your earnings and divide your expenses into different budgeting categories to know where all your money is actually going.

This free budgeting template is very easy to use and budgeting with these spreadsheets is really easy. You can create budget for entire month or just a week. There are two different worksheets available biweekly and weekly. There are categories like health home expenses transportation dues and subscriptions holidays daily living and more. You can customize these preset lists to make them perfect for your requirements.

Features of Weekly Budget:

  • Keep track of weekly expenses easily
  • Comes with two different worksheets: biweekly and weekly budget
  • Easy-to-use no installation required

Weekly Budget is available for download at Spreadsheet123’s official website. It’s only 52KB in size and supports Windows Microsoft Excel 2002 or later. Try Weekly Budget Free