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Need A Free Text Editor?

By Codrut Nistor

Posted in Software

A few days ago I finally figured out how much I needed a new free text editor after using Notepad for a few weeks too many. Why I have no idea it was just the fact that I continued to hope that I'd get my old software setup back (hard drive failure & backup failure some months ago I told you about that). Unfortunately chances to do that are close to none now so I decided to step forward and get myself some nice text editor. Free if possible...

RJ TextEd

... and since finding a free text editor for Windows isn't hard at all I ended up facing RJ TextEd. This is not a review so I will only tell you this: file manager Web browser a complete CSS editor FTP client Code Explorer tool project management capabilities as well as macros? That's a lot for a free text editor and I only scratched the surface with those believe me!

RJ TextEd is more than just a simple text editor but if you work a little on those options you can make it look almost as simple as Notepad but its power remains the same. For me this programs features are more than enough and I can only hope that some of you will manage to fully unleash this free software beast because it would be a pity to use it just for editing plain text files without using bookmarks syntax highlighting or any other of the goodies available in the package...

Did I mention it also supports Windows 7 without any problems? Go ahead and give it a try your only excuse would be a Linux-only PC or a Mac! ;)