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Protect Your PC from Hackers with ZoneAlarm

By Codrut Nistor

Posted in Software

ZoneAlarm is a small application that works as a strong firewall and protects computers from malicious hackers’ attacks. Although Windows provides built in firewall that ships along with the operating system it is not as effective as third-party applications which are precisely developed for the purpose. In most production environments hardware firewalls are used as they are considered more efficient as compared to the software firewalls which are installed on the operating system. Since ZoneAlarm is in the market since quite a long time it has earned a decent reputation and therefore is nowadays accepted worldwide. There are two categories of the firewall a) free version and b) licensed version. The difference between the two categories is that the paid one offers few extra features to make the application even more flexible and manageable to fulfill almost all the requirements of medium to large scale organizations. However the free version is mostly used on home computers or small scale industries. You can go through the below mentioned pros and cons of the application which will help you decide as which firewall will best suit your requirements.


  • Comes in both free and licensed editions and the free edition can be used for home users.
  • Even the free edition automatically updates itself on regular basis to keep your system secured.
  • Efficiently block all malicious packets in order to protect the computer from hackers.


  • Requires additional administrative overhead to configure the application in order to make it up and running.
  • The interfaces might sometimes be irritating for the new users because of several prompts and/or Allow/Deny boxes.
  • Understanding the entire UI of ZoneAlarm might be challenging for new users.

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