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Rapidshare Alternative Of the Week - 1fichier

By Codrut Nistor

Posted in Online-services

In case you're not familiar with France at all I should only tell you this - when it comes to computing and English terms French people are absolutely hilarious! I love a lot of things about France but when I see the way they fear external influences and translate words like "mouse" or "hard drive" I can't help but laugh - after all their churches are being slowly replaced by mosques they are soon going to be a minority in their own country yet they hang on to "logiciel" or "disque dur" like their life depends on that! Fortunately 1fichier is also available in English and since it seems to be a great RapidShare alternative today we'll take a closer look at it...

Provided by DStorage SAS a company from Paris 1fichier is a file hosting service that offers support for French English Chinese and Russian offers really excellent speeds and doesn't suffocate you with ads captchas or countdowns when you try to download a file. Even more the limitations look simply amazing - uploaded files are limited to 10GB each and kept for 60 days after the last download (90 days for freely registered users). Pretty impressive especially since the service is completely free - some ads can be spotted here and there but I've seen much worse trust me! ;)

More than the above 1fichier supports multiple files upload and FTP transfers also allowing you to choose the domain that will be hosting your file(s) - 11 of them available as I write this. Regarding paid accounts... I must say I am completely in the dark here - the Wikipedia page that mentioned 1fichier claims that premium users can keep their files on the servers forever only that the site itself doesn't offer any information regarding paid accounts so... I guess that's all for today! :/