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Rapidshare Alternative Of the Week - GoAruna

By Codrut Nistor

Posted in Online-services

Finally something really spicy! I love spicy stuff especial Indian cuisine but this has nothing to do with food. As I am sure that you noticed already the time has come for the Rapidshare alternative of the week and today we're checking out GoAruna a file uploading service that has been around for almost three years already.

GoAruna allows you to do some special things like sending files to Twitter or Facebook users. To make things even more interesting you don't need an account to do that although getting one could give you some useful features. More than just sending a file to some Twitter user you can use GoAruna to do that with all your followers. Pretty cool if you ask me!

As long as you just want to open the page and upload something GoAruna allows you to work with files up to 100 MB in size but various plans are available for users who want more including a free one that offers 2 GB of storage 1 GB bandwidth and 100 MB maximum file size.

Before ending this let me add some more GoAruna goodies: iPad iPhone Blackberry and Android all have applications to allow you quick access to GoAruna. If this isn't good enough... then I think you should take a look for yourselves and see what I missed! ;)