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Rapidshare Alternative Of the Week - i-FileZ

By Codrut Nistor

Posted in Online-services

After last week's madness it's a real relief to find a RapidShare alternative that works as it should in just a few minutes so I'll leave any other introduction aside and move straight to the topic: ladies and gentlemenget ready to meet i-FileZ! ;)

Strange enough i-FileZ allows freely registered users to upload files as large as 1 GB but I uploaded a 1.2 GB archive without breaking a sweat. Well I can't complain about this - as long as you get more than you should everything's great if you ask me... and it gets even better: i-FileZ can also bring you some money for your downloaded files or for the money spent by your affiliates! Premium users can upload files as large as 5 GB also having an unlimited amount of storage space at their disposal but free users also get 300 GB of space which is much more than most competitors provide.

Since everything comes for a price especially freebies if you're planning to use i-FileZ for free you should keep in mind that the most severe limitation is the download speed - not a single bit over 50 KB/s. Well at least uploads are pretty fast so if you're not in a really bad mood and hate even the smallest trace of advertising you should give i-FileZ a chance - it's not advertising hell here but it's not as clean as a mountain lake either... ;)