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Rapidshare Alternative Of the Week – Oron

By Codrut Nistor

Posted in Online-services

Still needing to upload some files for your buddies to download and no idea on what to use? Well since it's the last day of the week the time has come for another RapidShare alternative - ready or not here's Oron! ;)

I know most of you couldn't care less about this part but I must tell you that I really love Oron's logotype. Leaving that part aside you should know that looks really clean without any traces of ads on its homepage while the numbers also look great - up to 400 MB per file/5 files without registering 1024 MB per file if you register a free account and finally up to 2048 MB per file if you register a Premium account. More about the benefits of each approach can be found here.

Since nothing's better than taking a service/product for a test drive yourself I should tell you that uploading a few files to Oron worked well (no interruptions pretty fast upload a clean page without ads while doing it just a progress bar and text information) once the process was over I got a screen with direct download links links for forums HTML code for webmasters even delete links. Excellent! Unfortunately nothing's perfect... so I guess you already figured out what's the weak part of this RapidShare alternative: downloading files takes some time and more than just a slow speed there's also a one minute countdown and a really annoying captcha to go through. Well I guess that's all but best thing would be to upload a file download it mess around Oron for a few minutes... then decide if this is a worthy RapidShare alternative or not.