RapidShare Alternative Of the Week – Upload

I don’t know if you had enough RapidShare alternatives so far, but I think that, at least when it comes to the average computer&Internet user, there aren’t that many choices out there. Why am I saying this? The answer lies in today’s subject itself, as you’re going to see right away…

… because, at least at first sight, Upload looks great – at least if we leave aside the “no FAQ, no documentation, (way too) basic design” and if we can live with slow and annoying downloads. How’s that? Well, Upload is a service that doesn’t offer any storage space of its own, using DepositFiles for that. The good part is that uploading files can be easily done with just a few mouse clicks, all within reasonable limits – 1 MB to 2 GB file size, no illegal stuff or adult content. So far, so good, but when you get to the download part…

… it gets really nasty – you end up receiving exactly what you’re running from – 1 minute countdown and ads all over the place, only the captchas missing (fortunately) to make this a complete nightmare! Well, as I was saying… as long as you just want to upload something and don’t care about the suffering of those who have to download your stuff, Upload is one little thing worth considering. That’s all, folks! 😉

P.S. Oh, yeah – do I have to add that upload speeds vary a lot, depending on I-have-no-idea-exactly-what and download speeds are really slow? Heh, I just did.

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