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Rapidshare Alternative Of the Week – YourFileLink

By Codrut Nistor

Posted in Firefox-addons, Pctips3000-series

Today what we have here is a RapidShare alternative that proves one more time that good functionality makes a bad design nothing but a small detail you shouldn't really care about. After all I would use a file upload service that offers a file size limit of 5 GB and decent speed even if its main page would have 500 banners and a tiny text link saying "upload" hidden somewhere between them... but things are far from being that bad with YourFileLink as you can see in the image below! ;)

YourFileLink looks great in theory and partially in practice. I have nothing against it only that the theoretical file size limit didn't work for me in practice - when adding a 2.9 GB archive it kept saying that I have to agree with the ToS but this didn't happen when I used a smaller file about 100 MB in size. No need to say that I selected that "I agree..." checkbox every time right? Oh in case you were wondering - in both cases I used Opera so I guess it can't be related to the browser either.

Best part of it all? YourFileLink may be swarming with ads but there's no paid or free account available just a free file upload service that gets the job done - no limits (both uploads and downloads are pretty fast) no captchas on download only a "10-to-download" countdown so go ahead and take advantage of this excellent RapidShare alternative I found for you while it's still up will you?

That's all folks! Have a nice weekend and be careful not to upload copyrighted stuff that you're not supposed to share all right? ;)