WhoisDomain – All In One Site Lookup

I really like to try new things today! For example, a few hours ago, I had lunch at some place where I’ve been before, but I tried something new and – fortunately – I am still alive and well. Moving to our daily Firefox addons, it seems I also got lucky, since WhoisDomain – All In One Site Lookup still appears marked as “Experimental” on Mozilla.com, yet it seems to work like a charm for me, so here you have it! 😉

Released yesterday, WhoisDomain – All In One Site Lookup 1.0 has only a few KB in size, is free, and using it is really easy – just press one of the two buttons that appear inside the main window of your Firefox browser after installing it and you’ll get a new page in a new tab that gives you most of the SEO stats-related information you will ever need: domain lookup(whois), Alexa rank, server’s IP, Google PR, index and backlink information and then some. Pretty cool, if you ask me.

According to the official page on Mozilla.org that I just mentioned, this Firefox addon works with virtually all Firefox versions you can think of, namely Firefox 1.0 – 4.0. At last, here’s a really funny fact – the website behind WhoisDomain has PR0! Let’s just hope this is because it’s fresh on the market, and not because some evil SEO techniques used… 😉