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RockMelt, The New Flock!

By Codrut Nistor

Posted in Software

Flock is dead long live Flock! Well it's not exactly like that - in fact it's more like "Flock is dead long live RockMelt" because it seems we're lucky - despite Flock's early departure from this world we're not left without a proper social browser - RockMelt may not be a Flock clone but another product that simply follows the same path. Speaking for myself I must already confess that I fell in love with RockMelt after the first few clicks so let's take a closer look at this Chromium-based social browser shall we?

Developed by Tim Howes and Eric Vishria RockMelt is backed by Netscape founder Marc Andreessen and focuses on Google Search and social media just like Flock its main targets being Facebook and Twitter only that everything seems to look & feel even better than before back when I was using Flock to check my Facebook friends' statuses - as I write this Flock can still be used to browse the Web but Facebook integration is down...

... so there's only one way to go: RockMelt! Why RockMelt? If the excellent Facebook and Twitter-related features are not enough let me just give you two numbers: 32K and 128K. What about them? Well it seems 32k Twitter users considered that RockMelt is worthy of being used and moving to Facebook I think that 128K likes should say quite a lot don't you think? I know it may sound strange but I won't tell you anything more about RockMelt only that you definitely have to take it for a spin especially if you loved Flock! That's all folks! ;)