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samfind Bookmarks Bar

By Codrut Nistor

Posted in Firefox-addons, Pctips3000-series

People who say they won't try Opera because it doesn't have enough plugins are idiots. Don't get me wrong I fully understand those who need a certain plugin for a certain task but I won't ever understand why some simply consider that "more" is the same as "better" not in a million years! After all I hate Firefox for having that many plugins - no matter the task you'll always find at least 4-5 that can get the job done and today I wasted over an hour just to find something worthy of your attention! Fortunately I finally bumped into samfind Bookmarks Bar so here we are...

... facing a rather impressive Firefox addon with a description that doesn't reveal as much as it should: "personalizes your browser with the websites you interact with regularly and brings social search and RSS to the Bookmarks Toolbar." Well that's the description found on the official samfind Bookmarks Bar page but the few words found on Mozilla's page dedicated to it seem much better to me: "The most customizable Bookmarks Bar ever."

Having only about 450 KB in size and being freely available this Firefox addon works with versions 3.0 - 4.0 of the browser and allows you to sync bookmarks across computers go social use widgets and RSS feeds put more sites into the same space by using favicons instead of page titles. Best of all it's freely available and customizing it feels even more interesting than messing with the settings of the browser itself yet without turning the whole process into a nightmare - just take a look at the screenshot below...

I know I didn't actually say much about the goodies offered by samfind Bookmarks Bar but I will stop here not without pointing you to a movie that should say it all - click. That's all for now folks so take your time to enjoy samfind Bookmarks Bar I know for sure I will! ;)