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Specify Who Can View Wall Posts by Others in Facebook

By Codrut Nistor

Posted in How-to, Network-internet

When a Facebook account is created and friends are added to it by default they can write on their friends Walls in order to communicate with each other. Although users can limit the scope of write access to their walls by configuring Facebook privacy so that only they can write on their walls and no one else however if default configurations is left intact which means friends can write on their Walls the posts can be viewed by the friends of friends of the account holder. Under normal circumstances this configuration is quite harmless and needs not be modified. However if users want they can increase their privacies to secure their information by specifying the visibility scope of the posts written by their friends. As a Facebook account user if you want to do so you can follow the steps given below:

  1. Logon to Facebook account by providing appropriate credentials.

  2. Click on the down facing arrow available at the top right corner of the main page.

  3. From the available list click on Privacy Settings.

  4. From the new page click on Edit Settings in front of How You Connect option.

  5. On the opened box click on the drop-down list available in front of Who can see Wall posts by others on your profile?

  6. Choose the appropriate option from the available list of options and click on Done button when finished.