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Speed up surfing with Firefox by up to 20%

By Codrut Nistor

Posted in Software

My favorite browser is Chrome. In my opinion Google Chrome is the best browser on the market. Before Chrome i used Firefox. It was great but right now it is not as great as Chrome. But with the last version which is in its beta stages I don't know if i like it more than Chrome or not. Especially when i discover settings that can improve my browsing speed. Because this is what makes the difference: the speed how fast the pages are loading.

I will show how to make Firefox to load images and data directly from your system memory and not from your hard drive. You can do that from the Firefox settings.Open Firefox and type in the address bar: about: config . In the filter field type: browser.cache. Choose browser.cache.disk.enable and set its value to False by double click on it. After that choose browser.cache.memory.enable and set it to True.

The next step it to create a new value. Right click and select New-> Integer. Name it browser.cache.memory.capacity. The value we will set represents the amount of the system's memory Firefox will need to load data. I recommended to set the value to 100000. This is equivalent to 100MB. If you think you will need more and you have a lot of RAM in your system choose the value you think is the best for you.

If you don't like it or you think that Firefox became instable you can always return to the default settings. Or you can move to Chrome :)