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Top 5 non-Microsoft OS 2011

By Codrut Nistor

Posted in Linux, Operating-systems, Software

Among various operating systems Windows is used by more than 75% of total computer users. Windows is very compatible as compared to other operating systems. Some of the latest and amazing operating systems other than windows are listed below which will help you in making the right choice for your personal computer or laptop if you are thinking to select an alternative of Windows.

5. Google Chrome OS

It is an open-source Linux based operating system. Google Chrome OS is loaded with advanced security features that are not found in any other operating system. You can even use Chrome OS without installing any anti-virus. It is completely web oriented OS and is best suitable for netbooks. Suitable hardware is being developed by various computer brands for implementation of Chrome OS.

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4. FreeBSD

Free BSD is known for its speed and strength. This operating system is basically used in web servers and it is based on UNIX. Free BSD is very safe and easy to operate. This is one of the most compatible operating system; you can easily use this operating system with Mac OS and Linux. Free BSD is used in various companies and personal computers but still everybody is waiting for its matured version. Free BSD occupies very little space in hard disk. Free BSD is one of the safest operating systems regarding web servers.

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3. Sun Sloaris

Solaris is an UNIX based operating system and it was basically developed by Sun Microsystems. Scalability is the most famous feature in Solaris. It also supports features like time slider ZFS and Dtrace. Preloaded with many special features' Solaris is one of the major operating systems which provides you extra comfort and ease. Solaris does not support every platform. It is compatible with SPARC and x86 related workstations. Oracle is now constantly trying to improve the code to provide Solaris with more compatibility.  Solaris is widely used in large organisations where huge numbers of computers are interrelated. This operating system is well known for its symmetric multiprocessing.

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2. Ubuntu

Ubuntu is open source Linux distribution. This operating system is available for both Personal Computers and web servers. Ubuntu has more than 12 million users worldwide making it the most successful Linux distribution. Approximately half of the total Linux desktops are Ubuntu. It is secure fast and reliable operating systems. Mozilla Firefox and Mozilla Thunderbird are default browser and email client used in Ubuntu. The login screen desktop graphics and user interface are really impressive.

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1. Mac OS

Developed by Apple Inc. Mac OS is the default standard for all Macintosh computers – iMac and MacBooks. This UNIX based operating system is the finest of all operating systems. Loaded with thousands of applications which will make you feel amazing. It occupies a very small space in hard disk and enables you to perform various actions which are impossible in other operating systems. Graphical user interface is very friendly and easy to use.  Mac OS is one of the safest operating systems ever made. Mac OS doesn’t support pirated software and this feature keeps it safe from malware spyware and various viruses. The latest version of this Operating System is Mac OS X Lion available at a price of $29.99.

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