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Grooveshark Download Tool

By Codrut Nistor

Posted in Software

Since I've had a lot of connectivity issues lately today I'll tell you a few things about a program that it's supposed to work but unfortunately it doesn't work for me. Anyway it worked for a few of my buddies so I have no doubts that most of you will also get to enjoy it. What's to enjoy in yet another downloader? Well we're not talking about "another downloader" since I can't say I've seen hordes of Grooveshark downloaders marching all over the Web so... let's get to it shall we? ;)

SciLor's grooveshark™.com Downloader is the name of the software I want to tell you about today. Its purpose should be obvious - to help its users download tracks off Grooveshark. To make it even more interesting this piece of code also allows one to download entire playlists search stuff directly on Grooveshark without having to check the site in a browser not to mention the fact that multilanguage support is pretty good for such a small tool - German Spanish Turkish Italian French as well as a few other languages have been included already!

Speaking about my own experience with this program once again I must say these: the interface could be improved a lot since it's far from being user friendly at this time (on the other hand power users will surely love the ability to use this tool straight from the command line) but I would really like to see the freezes going away since SciLor's grooveshark™.com Downloader froze more than just once on me. Other than these... I would really like to hear you saying how did this tool get the job done. For me... I think it will soon be the time for a Windows reinstall no matter how much I like it or not. :/