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Twitter for Safari

By Codrut Nistor

Posted in Pctips3000-series, Safari-extensions

A bit earlier today I messed with another YouTube downloader. To be honest I think we've had more than enough of them already but... in the end it seems I was right - we had enough of them today's little piece of code I chose didn't work at all. Well since the entire house here is a mess due to some cleaning work I decided that a brand new start on PCTips3000 can't hurt at all so today we're opening a brand new category - Safari Extensions. To be honest I have no idea if we're going to find a lot of interesting plugins for Apple's browser lying around but at least I'll do my best to do that. To start everything with a pretty popular one I decided to take Twitter for Safari for a spin so here it is...

... but before anything else I have to tell you one thing: I really hate the way Apple decided to introduce all these browser extensions (click here to check the official page dedicated to the addons available for Apple's Safari) since you get virtually no information regarding version number downloads no user ratings... nothing! All I can tell you is that I played with Twitter for Safari 1.02 on Safari for Windows and in a few minutes I noticed a few strange things already: if we leave aside the Safari crash I had to go through right after installing the extension you can also add a rather strange option - when it comes to composing your tweets available options allow you to use inline composer or... Tweetie for Mac! :P

Since I can't give you a direct link to any Twitter for Safari page I guess you can just fire up your browser go to the page I mentioned above or simply open the Preferences menu and click on Safari Extensions Gallery then... I am sure you know what to do right? I guess that's all for today - just be sure to get Twitter for Safari for a spin and get back here with a few thoughts all right? I am really curious if other people using Safari for Windows are facing crashes or visual glitches (check the Search Twitter text for example). See you tomorrow with some more goodies all right? Take care! ;)