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USAupload - Rapidshare Alternative Of the Week

By Codrut Nistor

Posted in Online-services

Tired of looking for the perfect RapidShare downloader? If the answer is affirmative I can only give you two choices: get your hands on some premium account or - even easier - find something better than RapidShare! I know it may sound strange but I just found a website that provides file hosting services much better than RapidShare at least for my needs. Its name is USAupload but don't let this fool you - no matter where you are you can take advantage of its services!

Why should you use USAupload? Think about the following: local or remote file upload with a size up to 300MB optional email invitation to download the file excellent upload/download speed! In my case upload and download speeds were about the same 500KB/s none of them limited by the available bandwidth as far as I can tell.

This site works great in Opera Internet Explorer Chrome and probably also in most browsers you can think of but I was only able to test it in these three. Anyway I am sure you have enough reasons already to give USAupload a try so... what are you waiting for?

P.S. Don't get fooled by the title because I don't think we'll have another RapidShare alternative here next week... :P