User Manual Lost?

Some days ago, I was on a big quest to find the manual of my washing machine, since I was sure I have it somewhere around, and I was also sure I am usually using the wrong program to wash my shirts. Fortunately, I found it, but some people aren’t that lucky… and since losing user manuals isn’t something out of this world and a lot of computer-related devices come with printed guides you must have at hand one day, let’s talk about a great resource for those in trouble, shall we?

Please, don’t start throwing stones at me, because Google doesn’t always have the good answers ranked high, and if you ever had to look for a device driver or a user manual, you surely know what I’m talking about here! The site I will tell you about today can help you A LOT, and it’s one of those resources that should get into your bookmarks right away. Why?

Here’s why – The User Manual Site allows you to download manuals of appliances, power tools, electronics, outdoor living devices, and many more, going as high as 300,000 user manuals, over 5,000 brands, and 2 million members!

Since talking about some site without testing its strengths is nothing, I checked for the manual of my digital camera. They got it. LCD monitor? Nope, missed that one… 🙁 Mainboard? Nope, not really, no… but I found the manual of my beloved SanDisk Sansa e250 player, so it depends on how lucky you get, after all. Sure, it’s also about the popularity of your device, but I don’t think Waterpik Tech electric toothbrushes are more popular than my LG monitor…

All manuals I checked were in PDF format, and to make it all even more attractive, The User Manual Site also offers various useful articles on a lot of topics (latest include “Organic for Life: Buying More Than Just Organic Food” and “Beyond Organic: Certifications and Labels”), as well as user questions/comments/tips for each product. Obviously, you’ll need a membership to take full advantage of this site, but since it’s free, why not get it?

Now, let me tell you a few things about membership and its benefits… If you’re one of those who hate having to get a new account on half of the new sites they discover, you’ll be delighted to find out that here, you can download manuals and interact with other people without having an account, but if you get one, you’ll be able to store and manage your manuals in your free online filing cabinet, and if this doesn’t sound well…

… I rest my case. Really, The User Manual Site is a great resource, and talking about it just doesn’t feel right. Why? Simply because you should go ahead and try it for yourselves. I have shown you the way, now it’s up to you to follow it, and then get back and thank me… or kick me in the teeth, that’s up to you! 😉