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Wordpress Toolbar

By Codrut Nistor

Posted in Firefox-addons, Pctips3000-series

Ever felt that the default WordPress menu needs to be a bit different? After all why have it the old way when you can access its options via a floating toolbar? Sure some may say this is nothing more but a Firefox addon built to make you feel a bit different without actually bringing anything new but I am sure some of you will enjoy WordPress Toolbar...

... especially since there's nothing more to enjoy but its simplicity - there's nothing to customize nothing to worry about - just install WordPress Toolbar and use it! According to the official mumbo-jumbo "Wordpress Toolbar is a simple tool that provides you an easy to use toolbar for administration of your Wordpress Blog." and that's exactly what it is - all it does is offer you an alternative way to access your admin menus nothing more.

Once you install this tiny piece of code (if you're feeling lucky and you're messing with Firefox 4 already I guess you'll be glad to know that WordPress Toolbar works with it) all you have to do is press the button in the lower right corner of your Firefox window. Unfortunately it doesn't open your blog so you'll have to access the admin panel before using it. Hey this is only version 0.3 so don't ask too much from it all right? I am sure this Firefox addon could become pretty interesting in time if it gets at least a few of the features I would like to see... but since I'm in no mood to tell anyone about them feel free to share your thoughts with us today - what would you add to WordPress Toolbar to make it the perfect Firefox addon for the WordPress admin? ;)