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Xobni - Outlook Mail Search & More

By Codrut Nistor

Posted in Software

While looking for some outstanding piece of code to tell you about I had a a little big revelation - I always hated Outlook but I never took the time to search for the right plugins for it. After all most programs that support plugins aren't such a big deal without them. For example think about Firefox Adobe Photoshop or WordPress - all of them can get the job done right out of the box but plugins are those that bring them only a few steps away from being flawless so I started to look for a serious plugin to make Outlook at least "good" if not "perfect" aaaand...

Xobni Outlook Mail Search

... I was really surprised when I found myself facing Xobni especially since I heard some of my friends cursing the day of birth when having to extract data from Outlook and now Outlook mail search and data extraction as well as other similar tasks seem to be nothing more than a child's play!

While providing much better email search than Outlook itself from any point of view you can think of Xobni also allows you to automatically organize all the info about your contacts extracting phone numbers scheduling appointments with a single click and this is only the beginning...

Email and contacts search is great but what about attachments version tracking advanced search for this particular case and even much easier attachment handling? All checked!

Threaded conversations can be good... or not but I think it's better to have all emails exchanged with somebody in the same place instead of having to wonder through your inbox looking for them. Xobni allows you to display all emails exchanged with a certain contact as a list and you can even create lists for all the messages interchanged between more than just two people.

Since everything goes social these days Xobni also offers instant access to Facebook profiles LinkedIn Hoover information and it even goes as far as offering Skype integration. As far as I was able to see Twitter is not included on the list just yet but I'm sure they'll add it in some future version...

At last you should also be aware that Xobni offers advanced statistics and if all the above is not enough then you should also know that Xobni Mobile will soon be available the Blackberry version being expected to arrive later this summer.

Do I really have to say more? Oh yeah the price: $0! Yupp you got it right - Xobni is a free and extremely useful Outlook plugin and if I really had to say something about its bad parts there's only one thing to be mentioned here - it only works with Outlook 2003/2007 requiring at least a 2 GHz processor and 1 GB of memory.